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Your Dreams & Goals

Your Dreams & Goals

  • "My dream is to get my driver's license one day."

    -Lindsay, Dublin, IN

    "My goal is to improve my ability to communicate through music therapy."

    -Eric, Corydon, IN

    "I am new to Anderson and Indiana. I live with my mom and brother. My dad passed away August 10th, 2018. My older brother and sister live in Noblesville. My goal is to give my mom some me time. She has been grieving for my dad and taking care of my brother and me full time."

    -Jaden, Anderson, IN

    "My success has been to graduate from high school at 26 from Excel in 2017. Then in 2018 I went to Erskine Green Training Institute in Muncie for the Kitchen Cook position. I've been working this summer at Scotty's Brewhouse waiting till the right job working as an cook opens up. This fall on August 14th I am returning to Purdue University at Windsor Hall as an Kitchen Cook this has been my dream for a few years."

    -Derrick, IN

    "Is to live on my own and have one staff with me and get my GED and learn how to drive."

    -Nicole, Indianapolis, IN

    "My dream is to find a job."

    -Ashley, Peru, IN

  • "I would like to have a career working with animals, get my degree and get my dog certified as a service dog because he is my best friend."

    -Emily, Kokomo, IN

    "I have several different goals & dreams. 1. I want to live independent in my community of choice. 2. I want to get a job in the community. 3. I dream that some day I will be able to get my Driver License so I can learn to drive."

    -Stanley, Charlestown, IN

    "I want go to college and get my degree in Social Work."

    -Betty, Richmond, IN

    "I would like to become a social worker for IPMG and help the clients the company represents to achieve their daily and long term goals!"

    -Karen, Indianapolis, IN

    "My goal is just to be able to keep growing in my work here where I am, growing in my marriage, and just growing me personally."

    -Melody, Indianapolis, IN

    "I want to go out in the community and work at a real live job."

    -Meagan, Valparaiso, IN

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